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Product Quantity Dropdown

Product Quantity Dropdown

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This extension changes quantity text box to dropdown,manages increment value for configuration product stock. and allow you to manage stock or not.


This extension converts quantity text box to dropdown and also allow you to set quantity increment value globally for all product or individual product.Our extension provides you facility whether you want to manage the stock or not it also allow you to set increment value per website or per store.Here quantity textbox is converted to dropdown that reflects in product listing page,product detail page , product search page and shopping cart page, for each individual product or globally for all products you can set the dropdown increment value and the maximum value to which dropdown will show.

From the extension setting page you set the increment value and the maximum value till which the incremet value will increase, this setting will work globally for all products.For individual product increment value for dropdown and it's maximum value can be set and if you have not given these settings for a product then it will take the global setting for increment value and maximum dropdown value.

This extension also manages the configuration product stock.When you select a option (simple product) of configuration product then dropdown changes its values for the selected simple product. For the grouped product user has choice to either select the increment option values or not.

Similarly you can set the increment value for the simple,configurable,grouped,virtual and downloadable product except bundle product.

For example if a product's inventory quantity is 50 and we have set the incremtal value to 5 and maximum dropdown value to 40 then it will reach up to 40 not up to 50 and will show 5,10,15,20,25,30,35,40 option values in quantity dropdown. However if we set maximum dropdown value to 70 then maximum dropdown value will go up to product's quantity in inventoty and will show go up to 50 and will show 5,10,15,20,25,30,35,40,45,50 option values in quantity dropdown.

You can also set the decimal quantity for the product.