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Magexworld.Com is the best magento extension store which provides cheapest magento extensions to improve your website performance and sales. Our product quantity dropdown, Media Gallery extension, Youtube Video Gallery, Image Resize extension etc are some major magento extensions which imporoves your website look and feel apart from increasing sales and performance.

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  1. Product Quantity Dropdown
    This extension changes quantity text box to dropdown,manages increment value for configuration product stock. and allow you to manage stock or not. Learn More
  2. Multiple Image Import
    Using this extension you can do the following tasks:-
    1) You can import any number of images for any type of product whether it is simple,downloadbale,configurable,virtual etc.
    2) You can assign any number of images to a product and choose which product should be a base image, small image, thumbnail.
    3) Apart from the selected base,small or thumbnail images the other iamges will be listed in product detail page as the extra images for that product.
    4) Put your images that you want to import inside import folder inside the media folder.
    5) Your csv file name should have "_imageupload" string in file name, like mobile_imageupload.csv,sports_imageupload.csv etc
    You need to put images inside Root/media/import/ folder and give read write permission to import folder. Learn More
  3. Media Gallery

    This extension gives smart and professional look to your media gallery where you can show any youtube video,vimeo video or any image. This extension is so smart as just by entering the youtube video id or vimeo video id from the admin section you can create your media gallery in some minutes.The media gallery automtically shows the thumbnail images of youtube,vimeo images and you can also upload any image from admin section and all these showed in fronted with paging.

    Demo Learn More
  4. Youtube Video Gallery

    This extension provide the category based youtube video gallery with paging and colorbox popup where on clicking on a youtube image the youtube video pop up in a frame and starts to play the video.

    Learn More
  5. Most popular products widget
    Using this widget extension you can easily show most popular products or most viewed products in your website. Learn More
  6. youtube photo gallery
    This extension help to attach a youtube video with a image and open youtube video on iframe in that page. Learn More
  7. Photo Gallery
    In this extension we show the photos in a slider manner where image thumbnails are shown in slider way.This photo gallery can also be used as a banner slider in any place where you want. Learn More
  8. Photo gallery

    This extension provide the category based photo gallery with paging and image resize.

    Live Demo

    Learn More
  9. Image resize to any size
    Using this image can be resized to any size just by putting height, width and uploading the image. Learn More
  10. Import bulk related,cross-sells or up-sells products
    This extension supports bulk import of related products,cross-sell product and up-sell products Learn More
  11. lazyload
    It improves performance by reducing the page loading time, in general when a product listing page is accessed it loads all the product images of that category thus increase the loading time of the whole page while using lazyload extension we load only those images that we need to look, as we move down the product images are loaded

    Demo: http://magexworld.com/magetnto-extensions.html

    Learn More
  12. Image Watermarking
    This extension help you to protect your images from any misuse by superimposing it by your logo or any image. Learn More

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